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Gifts for Girls

Sep 02, 2014 by Melissa | Add Comment


  1. Provides Financial assistance to girls
  2. Necessary programs & services to girls
  3. Operations & maintenance of camps
  4. Volunteer training & resources
  5. Development of exciting new activities for girls
72% of Citrus Council budget is supported by product sales. 28% of the cost of serving the Girl Scouts of Citrus Council comes from families and friends of Girl Scouts.

How can someone contribute?

  1. Best way is to go to: youcaring.com/harbourcity
  2. A check can be made payable to:
    Girl Scouts of Citrus Council
    341 N. Mills Avenue
    Orlando, FL 32803-5760

    Or the check can be given to me and I will mail it
  3. If someone gives you cash you can deposit it into your account and write a check out of your account to Girl Scouts of Citrus Council or you can give me the cash and I will deposit it into my account and write a check if you don’t want to deal with all that.

I will be sending out separate information in regards to the Scouting for Shoes, but go ahead and start collecting shoes. I have attached a flyer just to get you started.

Also if anyone would like me to write an email to the parents of your troop or would like assistance in explaining to the parents what the campaign is about and how they can help please let me know

If you have any questions please feel free to email me or call me.  Thank you for your support and helping our local Girl Scouts!


Melissa McComb


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Zumbathon Fundraiser for Troop 1978


At the SUM, my girls invited you and your troop the Zumbathon fundraiser
that we are hosting to raise money for our trip to Savannah in June
2015. Attached you will find the informational flyer along with troop
registration form. Anyone and everyone is welcome to come Zumba. Girl
Scouts, siblings, friends and families. I've secured insurance to cover
the non-registered folks that attend. So the more the merrier.

The girl scouts that attend can earn the following patches (we will hand
out the Dancer badge at the event but leaders should bring the red daisy
Daisies --their courageous and strong (red) petal
Brownies - Dancer badge
Juniors - complete one of the requirements for the Practice with a
Purpose Badge
Cadette, Seniors and Ambassadors - I didn't have access to these badge
requirements, but I'm sure you can find badge requirements that this 
event will satisfy.

Adults and Leaders, we are having a special Zumba class just for adults.
Think of it as a Mom's (or Dad's) nIght out to Zumba. Childcare will be
provided (donations only). This is our chance to enjoy ourselves and
have a great time with our friends while working out.  Bring your
neighbors, your sister, the parents from your troop, you can even bring
your mother.

Please RSVP to me by September 19th and indicate how many children will
need childcare for the evening class.  Checks can be made out to GS
Troop 1978 and mailed to Michelle Devoid 4996 Pine Lily Ct Melbourne FL
32940. Registration forms can be emailed to me at pinelily@bellsouth.net.

Contact me with any questions you may have.

Michelle Devoid
GS Troop 1978
home 242-9476
cell/text 576-8413

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Fall Product Training

Aug 11, 2014 by Admin | Add Comment

Attention all troops!

Please make sure to sign up for Fall Product Training.  All troops that plan to participate in the program this year must have an adult take this training.

There are three locations in Brevard.  However, your Service Unit chair, Elizabeth Swanke, will be at Ascension Catholic.  Please let her know your troop number and number of girls so that she can have the paperwork ready beforehand.  If you are not attending the training at Ascension, then let Elizabeth know this so that you can make other arrangements.

Please note that you will need to have a CORS account in order to register for this training.  You will also need to be registered for the upcoming school year and have a current background check in order to be the troop chair.  If you cannot register for whatever reason, please let Elizabeth know.

Fall Product sales are not mandatory* but are a great way to get some money into the troop treasury at the beginning of the year. Products are purchased individually so you never have to worry about selling the extras needed to fill a case.  Online QSP sales are also available for those who prefer emailing friends and family.


*Troops must participate in Fall Products and Cookie sales in order to do additional troop fundraising.


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Fall Product Training

Jul 14, 2014 by Admin | Add Comment

It's time to start thinking about Fall Products.  This year, Council is trying out a Council-wide webinar to train all Troop Fall Product Chairs. This training webinar will be held on Saturday, August 16th.

Make sure to sign up as soon as Council opens registration!

Keep checking your email as the updates come in!

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Got Cookies? Additional Cookie Booths Available

Apr 02, 2014 by Admin | Add Comment

Do you still have more cookies than you can handle?

Do you wish that cookie season would go on forever and forever?

Good news:  Your wishes have come true!

Menchie's has a National Partnership with Girl Scouts.  As part of this partnership, not only will you be able to enjoy Girl Scout cookie inspired Frozen Yogurt with Girl Scout cookie toppings, but troops are also getting another opportunity to sell cookies.

What this means is that our Service Unit has secured the second weekend of April to host cookie booths at Menchie's at 1270 N. Wickham Rd. (on the corner of Wickham and Sarno).  

This is your chance to get rid of any extra cookies you have left!  

What if you're all out of cookies, but still wish that you could keep selling?  Council has cookies left and is willing to fullfill your reorder needs.  You can put in a request for cookies by the case or even box!  

The best part is that you will still get profit and recognitions for these sales!

So if Susie just missed getting her stuffed Red Panda, or your troop needs $50 more for all the exciting end-pf-the-year activities, this is a great opportunity to make it happen!

Don't miss out on your chance, go to the Booth Scheduler and reserve your slot ASAP!

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