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Fall Product Training

Jul 14, 2014 by Admin | Add Comment

It's time to start thinking about Fall Products.  This year, Council is trying out a Council-wide webinar to train all Troop Fall Product Chairs. This training webinar will be held on Saturday, August 16th.

Need help? Council will have one location in the county where all chairs are invited to go if they would like additional support.

Keep checking your email as the updates come in!

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Got Cookies? Additional Cookie Booths Available

Apr 02, 2014 by Admin | Add Comment

Do you still have more cookies than you can handle?

Do you wish that cookie season would go on forever and forever?

Good news:  Your wishes have come true!

Menchie's has a National Partnership with Girl Scouts.  As part of this partnership, not only will you be able to enjoy Girl Scout cookie inspired Frozen Yogurt with Girl Scout cookie toppings, but troops are also getting another opportunity to sell cookies.

What this means is that our Service Unit has secured the second weekend of April to host cookie booths at Menchie's at 1270 N. Wickham Rd. (on the corner of Wickham and Sarno).  

This is your chance to get rid of any extra cookies you have left!  

What if you're all out of cookies, but still wish that you could keep selling?  Council has cookies left and is willing to fullfill your reorder needs.  You can put in a request for cookies by the case or even box!  

The best part is that you will still get profit and recognitions for these sales!

So if Susie just missed getting her stuffed Red Panda, or your troop needs $50 more for all the exciting end-pf-the-year activities, this is a great opportunity to make it happen!

Don't miss out on your chance, go to the Booth Scheduler and reserve your slot ASAP!

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Cookie Transfers Among Troops

Feb 17, 2014 by Admin | Add Comment

Transferring Cookies Between Troops

Are you left with a few cookies too many or a few cookies too little?  That's where Troop to Troop Transfers come into play.  

    Already Know Whom You Want to Trade With?

BOTH troops need to fill out this Google Form.  Once both troops have completed this form, Katie will make the trade occur in SNAP.  Please allow 24-48 hours for SNAP to reflect this change.

The troops will also need to complete a Troop Transfer Form.  This form needs to be signed by both troops and cut in half.  Each troop will turn in their copy with the Final Paperwork.  Your Final Paperwork will be considered incomplete if you do not have a paper Troop Transfer Form for every trade you made.

Once you have completed both the electronic and paper forms, then you are all set.

    What If You Need More Cookies or Want to Get Rid of Some?

You can use this Google document to let people know what extra cookies you have.  (Make sure that you fill in the contact information correctly or you might miss out when people can't reach you!) Looking for cookies?  Check out the form to see what troops are trying to get rid of, then contact them to let them know what you need.  Make sure to be clear about whether you would like to make a trade or buy them from the other troop. 

Once you have the deals of the trade all figured out, arrange a time to meet and make the trade.  Check out the steps under the previous section to ensure that you fill out all of the required forms (the Online Google Form and the Paper Troop Transfer Form.)  There's just one extra step: go back into the Extra Cookies Google document and change your numbers!  You don't want to misinform people that you still have 12 Thin Mints if you just traded them with another troop!

Do you still have questions?  Then contact Katie Raynaud.  



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Roller Skating

Feb 12, 2014 by Admin | Add Comment

Roller Skating Party 2014



Check out this awesome picture from the HCSU Roller Skating event. Thanks to everyone, who made this event a success!






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Thinking Day

Feb 10, 2014 by Admin | Add Comment

Did you know that February 22nd is World Thinking Day?

Thinking Day is a global event that is celebrated through activities and projects by Girl Scouts and Girl Guides in other countries. You can learn all about it at GSUSA's website, including its history and this year's theme.

Our Service Unit will be celebrating Thinking Day on Thursday, February 27 at 6:00 PM-8:00 PM at Long Leaf Elementary.  It will be a night of crafts, skits, food, and fun!  All troops that attend are invited to select a country and learn all about it.  Troops will have a table to share what they learned about their country using a three-fold board of information, decorations, and food.  Girls will also have the opportunity to perform a skit, song, dance, or poem in front of everyone in attendance.

Interested yet?

Check out the Thinking Day page to sign up for a country.  

Got questions?

Contact Sue Elliott 


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